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State Name or State Image

State Tag Line, motto or other brief brand description.

This is where one would put general content relative to this particular state. A list of questions should be developed that would enable consistency of information type. We could build an online form that would enable those researching a particular geographic area to provide such content. The answers provided in the form would provide the content for the contact block or page area.

So What is This About?

This is where you would put general about content relative to the particular state. The about image would be used to mark this section. The same online form as mentioned above could be used to obtain such information. A separate form could be developed but it is easier on the content management side to simply use one form. On the cultural side it might be easier for those developing and research such content to have forms for each section so this must be taken into account.


This is where information regarding legislation for the particular state is to be placed. The same form could be used or as mentioned a separate form can be used in order to research, obtain and provide the content necessary for this area. The legislation image would be used to mark this area. The more this question is looked at the more obvious it seems for the need for separate forms. People are very busy and it might be difficult for many to obtain all the required information in one sitting. A form with the proper questions would enable the transfer of the information to the website.


This is where news stories that are taking place in the relative state would be placed. We again would use an online form and state coordinators would use the form over and over in order to provide new and up to date news stories and alerts. The use of feeds might be great to also consider. The section would be identified by using the news image.


In addition to the events calendar this would also be a prime area where training initiatives that are happening in the state would be talked about. Again we would use a form for the research and gathering of information. That information would then be deployed in this section. This section would be identified by the use of the training image.


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