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Start Up Meeting and Action
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A meeting took place on Friday April 23, 2010 to discuss the cost relative to state and regional structure in order allow a formal business plan to be developed. The conversation turned to a discussion of a pilot program and the need for a focus group. The assembly of logic models was also discussed. The plan is for the focus group to begin work in earnest in August.

The agenda for the meeting was as follows:
Organizational Structure
Counsel additions
Regional and State business model enables business planning
Youth video
CORI Show as a promotion tool

While the last 2 agenda items were not discussed the following was provided on 4/24 in response to the need for a focus group.

"The following is provided in order to summarize the ideas assembled thus far with respect to what US CORI could be. It is provided with the hope that it will help in the assembly of the focus group  as well as future formal incorporation. Of course comments, suggestions and edits are anticipated and welcome.

Potential Profile

With respect to the youth component I offer the following. The following is a list of some of the skill sets youth would learn in participating in the project.

For online and telephone help, including screen sharing, contact us by email or call +1 877-625-0282.

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