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New Planned Features
by dpearson
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Several important decisions have been made that should provide additional functionality for the U.S. CORI project. The results should have an impact by creating a more seamless brand, employment management and funding tracking features.

Since the juvenile issues related to criminal records are different and since each state has its own laws a sub domain ( is being implemented. Currently a timelines webware install is at that domain however I wonder if this might not be a great opportunity to try ELGG social networking software. It appears that ELGG may have recently been sold and that might play a factor in that decision.

Even at this early stage it is clear that human resource management will play a key role in any success of U.S. CORI.. We hope to incorporate a members only jobs board by 1/31/2008. Once a date is set for the site to formally launch we will also look to incorporate a member directory.

The first formal meeting will also unveil the initial funding draft. We currently are looking to the finance team for answers regarding structure. Since the Virginia and D.C. area were being reviewed as potential headquarters for the project the meeting will most likely also include discussion of the recent fire and the sense of rebirth that appears to be accompanying this tragedy.

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